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29th June




Jim Stolze


Meet you on the
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Behind every big change lies a big wonder why. This change, which has a huge impact on economics, society and the way we live, is propelled by anonymous forces and a big pool of solution designers ready to face any wicked problem popping up in days of diffusion. These changemakers, these questioners and solutioners, they work behind the scenes. No-one knows their name. Only their fame. They are the heads, hearts and hands that shaped this digital era worldwide.

The Dutch digital industry is growing big time and working overtime on system changes that truly matter. Once a year, it is time to shine, to share and to cheer.. At Dutch Digital Day, the entire industry gets their injection of next-level inspiration. Talent and masterminds gather for interactive sessions, keynote speakers, performances, pilot projects, mind-blowing cases, moral discussions (Black Mirror, we are watching you…) and innovation in the making. Friday 29th June, it will be DDD again. Meet: the makers. Don’t miss out.





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Aernoud Bourdrez

Think like a lawyer, don’t act like one

Meet Aernoud Bourdrez: lawyer, negotiator, art collector and author. A man who once traded his Mercedes coupé for an x-ray of Jackass star Ryan Dunn (featuring the toy car that Dunn had shoved up his behind). The nasty conflict that then arose, Bourdrez resolved with a DAF, a Dutch car that drives as fast backwards as forwards. A dedicated lawyer and smart negotiator.By showcasing iconic and hilarious examples of politics, sports and public life, Bourdrez will show us how conflicts arise and can be recognized by the same characteristics over and over again. If you recognize these patterns, you will be able to break through the pattern and solve the conflict. Bourdrez succesfully handled conflicts in more than 40 countries.


Robotic fabrication in architecture

Léon Spikker is co-founder and architect at Studio RAP (Robotics Architecture Production). Immediately after graduating from Delft Technical University, he started the firm with two fellow graduates and a scrap robot. RAP is a young architectural design and fabrication firm dedicated to the application of computational design and robotic manufacturing. By merging design with production, they're making buildings that are as efficient as they are beautiful. Léon will be explaining their journey as a start-up, the projects they've been building and the vision they're pursuing in his talk.

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The emerging field of machine ethics

Nell Watson is an engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker who grew up in Northern Ireland. Nell lectures globally serving as Associate Faculty at Singularity University and a member of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. She serves as Senior Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard, as well as serving as an advisory technologist to several startups, accelerators, and venture capital funds. She is also Co-Founder of OpenEth, an ‘ethical explication engine’ that aims to crowdsource ethical heuristics for autonomous systems. She has a longstanding interest in the philosophy of technology, and how extensions of human capacity drive emerging social trends. 
Intelligent machines are beginning to understand the needs, drives, and even values of humanity, with huge opportunities for each of our lives and our global society. Machines find clever ways to make us happiest and healthiest we can be, given a certain budget. The emerging field of machine ethics offers a revolution in how ethical analyses and transactions can occur. By making ethical decisions computable, we can give a sense of morality to machine intelligence. Learn how we can best program these fuzzy aspects of ‘humanity’ into machine intelligence, in a way which respects differences of opinion and creeds, and yet provides adequate protection for humans and machines.


Looking for trouble

Rogier is a creative film director, writer and animator based in the Hague. Together with his interns, friends and cat Jippie, he makes audiovisual projects, often crafted with materials like paper, cardboard, wood and occasionally a live animal.

He will be talking about the production of his own crowdsourced project ‘the Cure’, an animated short movie, designed with the principles of 3d-puzzles, only a little more complicated. He will explain how he always first starts searching for problems to then get excited about how to solve them in such a complex and creative way that it looks like it just came naturally. A behind the scenes presentation about the trial and error-approach of an animated film production.

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Bringing humans to the Red planet

Arno Wielders (1973) is a physicist by training and is working in the space industry for over 15 years. At the age of 8 he was hit by the ‘space bug’ by being allowed to watch the first images of comet Halley coming in at 3 AM from the Giotto spacecraft. Since then his focus has been on spaceflight and astronomy. He has been involved in many initiatives in the world of spaceflight from a professional point of view. In 2004 he started the initiative to create a commercial spaceport on the island of Curacao and in 2011 he co-founded Mars One with the aim of bringing humans to the Red planet to open up a new world for humanity. Over the last 8 years he has been working as the CTO for Mars One.

De pont

Body forward: Making nothing by designing everything

Vera’s aim is to redesign the fashion production chain by inventing new assembly tools and technologies which allows for the end consumer to co-create and customise the design without sewing. She combines her background in beta related subjects and design in her practise, which results in exciting positions and subjects that merge multiple disciplines and faces many challenges within the grey area of design and technology. Vera’s experience has led her to believe that a new role will be fulfilled by a designer. New forms and means of visualization and digitalisation are enabling the exploration for design solutions, which in Vera’s case, relate to an externalisation of a design process at the beginning of a production cycle in order to integrate the user in the process and eliminate waste material. Her participatory and co-creational projects are tools meant to discover and explore future ways of living and producing. .

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Rebranding of the Latin Kings

Antonio Fernandez, aka King Tone, is the former Gang leader of the New York chapter of the Latin Kings. He has worked directly with over 7,000 members in Washington, DC, Newark, New York City, Spain, and Ecuador to redirect their energies toward community building.

Antonio uses his life story as both a cautionary tale and a message about self-transformation. Fernandez has provided workshops to probation departments, schools, communities and most recently C-level executives on how to affect change with little or no resources. Fernandez is on a mission to help people find their paths towards personal growth and change.

van Vuure

What is it Like to Be a Bird?

Thijs van Vuure studied biology and philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. After his master's degree, he studied instrumental performance and music composition at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, and fine arts at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. He creates projects where art, philosophy and science and their reciprocal influences are a central theme. Thijs van Vuure’s childhood dream was to become a bird. In his quest to fulfill this dream he started the project ‘What is it Like to Be a Bird?’. In this work in progress, he explores the boundaries between bird-ness and human-ness, and how these seemingly uncrossable borders can be dissolved by simple permutations. Birds and humans don’t belong to the same species anymore for over 300 million years. However, we share a lot of similarities. The anatomy of bird brains have a lot in common with human brains, the learning of birdsong and human speech are quite similar, and we share 60% of our DNA with a chicken. But how would it be, to be a chicken?

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The Renaissance of our Species

This talk will explore how taking an active part in our own biological evolution is no longer a theory, but an option. Becoming technology, instead of using or wearing technology, opens up the possibility of having additional organs and senses beyond the ones confined to our species. By merging ourselves with technology we can become the designers of our own body and perception; and we can increase our survival possibilities in earth and in outer space. Are we witnessing the renaissance of our species?

Neil Harbisson is a Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognised as a cyborg by a government. The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours via audible vibrations in his skull including infrareds and ultraviolets as well as receive colours from space, images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via internet connection. Harbisson identifies himself both as a cyborg; he feels he is technology, and as a trans-species; he no longer feels 100% human



Good vs Effective. Can vs Should

It is a longstanding tradition to take an honest look at projects that did not go as planned. That’s how we get better. In that tradition, since 8th of November 2016, Jennifer has obsessed over the outcome of the American presidential election and her role in that loss. Design Director of Hillary Clinton for America and co-founder of OCD | The Original Champions of Design, she’ll talk about what identity systems can do, what they should do and why there is a difference.

Jennifer Kinon co-founded OCD | The Original Champions of Design with Bobby C. Martin Jr. OCD has developed brand identity systems for clients that range from the Girl Scouts of the USA to The New York Times, MTV and the NBA. During 2016, Kinon served as Design Director of Hillary for America. She has spoken about the role of identity systems around the world and served as President of AIGA/NY. Kinon graduated from the University of Michigan and earned an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, where she was the first graduate of the program to join its faculty.

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A tech-entrepreneur and a prominent figure in the European startup scene. In 2009 he was approached by to become one of their twelve ambassadors worldwide. Between then and 2016 he was the driving force behind TEDxAmsterdam and many other TEDx events in Europe, the Middle East and even the Caribbean. An alumnus from the prestigious Singularity University (California) Jim Stolze is a thought leader and change maker in the field of exponential technologies.



13:00 Welcome at Dutch Digital Day
13:30 Opening Dutch Digital Day by moderator Jim Stolze
13:35 Nell Watson
14:00 Léon Spikker
14:30 Vera de Pont
14:50 Thijs van Vuure
15:05 Break
15:35 Rogier Wieland
15:55 Arno Wielders
16:15 Aernoud Bourdrez
16:35 Antonio Fernandez
17:00 Break
17:15 Jennifer Kinon
17:40 Neil Harbisson
18:00 Drinks and food