Jan Dirk van der Burg & Flavia Faas


Jan Dirk van der Burg and Flavia Faas are the creators of “Zie je Niet Vaak”, the national photo show. A photo comedy that highlights the art of office photography, catastrophic whore visiting and striking hair trends among civil servants.


LJ Rich

Tech Evangelist, Sound Hacker, Synaesthete, NASA Datanaut

LJ Rich is an absolute live wire of energy, imagination and inspiration: she’s a presenter, journalist, producer, inventor, creator, and composer. As presenter for the BBC technology show “Click”, LJ has become an influential voice in technology. She also seeks out the more eccentric end of where humans, creativity and technology meet and where she combines music and innovation.

LJ Rich.png

Mike Monteiro

Design Ethicus (Editor of Dear Design Student, Mule Design Studio, and Maybe It’s Fiction)

Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design. He prefers that designers have strong spines. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft, ethics, and business of design. He wrote two books, Design is a Job and You’re My Favorite Client. He loves society so much he’s working on a book on how to protect it from designers.


Mieko Kusano

Design Director Sonos

Mieko Kusano is a designer, strategist and product leader who was with Sonos for 15+ years, where she founded design and product management, and led product creation from the seed of an idea to a billion dollar business. Her keynote is about design cohesion. She believes that most disruption in the industry has come from areas converting from analog to digital, when products go from having 'fixed features' and become 'vessels for ever-evolving experiences'.


Jamie Bartlett

Tech writer

Jamie Bartlett is the author of the book: The People Vs Tech (2018) about data and democracies.. He also is the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos, where he specialises in online social movements and the impact of technology on society. He is also a regular commentator on national and international media outlets.


Tom London

Tech Magicien

His work orbits around real-time data and how it can be applied to reveal present contemporary life but also exact thoughts, feelings and beliefs of digital data. By using social media APIs, his work can obtain millions of tweets, statuses and statistics each second which he applies to visualise present moment. By utilising real-time data, he portraits the emotional state of the internet world and the rate at which we are affecting it.


Chris Downer

Design Director Sketch

Chris Downer is the Design Lead at Sketch. He joined Bohemian BV when Sketch was still in its infancy and has spent the last six years spearheading design efforts across the Mac app and throughout the company as a whole. Chris’ attention to detail and broad UX knowledge are invaluable skills for his role in “designing for designers”.


Marie-Anne Faustinelli

Content creator

Marie-Anne Faustinelli (1995) is a content creator with a preference for video clips. In 2017 she graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts with the internet film Maar Als Iedereen Zo Denkt. With this experimental video clip, she won the Special Jury Award within the student competition of the Dutch Film Festival. After that, she made the internet film Koop Een Nieuwe in collaboration with VPRO Dorst highlighting the consumer society we live in nowadays.


Jim Stolze


A tech-entrepreneur and a prominent figure in the European startup scene. In 2009 he was approached by to become one of their twelve ambassadors worldwide. Between then and 2016 he was the driving force behind TEDxAmsterdam and many other TEDx events in Europe, the Middle East and even the Caribbean. An alumnus from the prestigious Singularity University (California) Jim Stolze is a thought leader and change maker in the field of exponential technologies.


Sietske Klooster

Systemic Change Designer and initiator De Melksalon

Milk is no mainstream, milk is not just milk. Milk incorporates a universe of valuable and meaningful variables. Compositions that embody great varieties in taste experience and nutritional values. With digital technology we can process this value of biodiversity.


Viktoria Modesta

Bionic pop artist, creative director and futurist

Describing her work as post-human and post-disability, she bridges performance art, music and fashion with technology, science and medicine. Viktoria's futuristic approach on “the body as art concept” got her selected as a Director’s Fellow at MIT Media Lab where she works on an academic level with technology and science, architects and multiple cultural institutions worldwide.